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Now Available: Margin Borrowing

We are pleased to introduce margin borrowing, with support for fractional share investing, at margin interest rates at least 2% better than Charles Schwab's and TD Ameritrade's published rates as of December 2nd, 2019. All rates are subject to change.

See the margin section of our website and our Margin FAQs for details about eligible accounts, interest rates, and risks associated with margin borrowing.

To enable margin borrowing, log into your account and follow the simple on-screen signup instructions after you click the Enable Margin link which is next to each margin-eligible account on the Settings page.

We also updated the cash interest rate formula in our Customer Agreement, effective September 30, 2019, as well as our margin terms.

Lastly, we have updated our Tax Football screen with a new color scheme. Please let us know what you think.

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